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  • $current_pc     = "$env:computername"
    $filePath      = "c:\users\Ara\Desktop\parameters.csv"
    $machineParams = Import-CSV $filePath
    $info          = if($machineParams){$machineParams | where {$_.branch -eq $($current_pc.Substring($current_pc.length - 3,3))}}
                     else{write-output "CSV not loaded"}
     Start-Process -FilePath "c:\users\Ara\Desktop\setup.msi"  -ArgumentList “/qf”, "DATABASE_ID=$($info.DATABASE_ID)" , "ODBC_DATABASE_NAME=$($info.ODBC_DATABASE_NAME)" ,  "ODBC_ENGINE_NAME=$($info.ODBC_ENGINE_NAME)" , "ODBC_HOST_NAME=$($info.ODBC_HOST_NAME)" , "COPY_DB_FROM_DIR=$($info.COPY_DB_FROM_DIR)" -wait

    Hello all,

    My above script works good.

    we have parameters file, from where the script take parameters from to install setup.msi, matching the computer name.

    My question is what should i include in the script to give parameters drirectly to script.

    i mean if the script name is install.ps1. if I run install.ps1 -188, it checks the 188 in config file and take the parameters



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