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  • During the ages our human kind suffers from various political repressions and limitations. We, as human beings deserve to be free. Very important part of our freedom is the free speech and access to information. Nowadays, many people from countries like North Korea, China, Iran are muted. They do not have the right to speak, they do not have the right to seek the truth.

    We are not huge corporation with unlimited resource, but we are fighting to free these people from their chains.

    Our server is providing free access to information across the web. For now, our service is still accessible from many muted countries and the popularity of our network is increasing. We will always stand side by side with the regular citizen. We will always try to help you to seek for the truth. People from muted countries are not able to see different view point than their governments one. They are forced to believe in things as they told them to. As they show them.

    Our service is safe to be used and works fine on all operation systems.

    Here is how it works. If you are citizen from one of the so called muted countries and if you can not access for an example cnn.com this is because your IP address has restrictions applied by your ISP(Internet Service Provider). Those restrictions are often dictated by your government. So how to open your eyes and read the global news? If your local IP address is for an example and it is filtered by your ISP, when you use our service your IP address will be changed with the IP address of our server (which is NOT and can NOT be filtered) by your government. By changing your IP address you are now free and you are able to access cnn.com and other important informative websites.

    To access our free service visit : US Proxy Server enter cnn.com at the inner address bar of our website and hit enter.

    This is not enough to help you to be free, but as students, this is all we can do at this moment. Maybe one day we will be presidents of strong countries and your children will live in peace.

    Thursday, April 12, 2012 11:57 PM