WHS 2011 Streaming Not Working RRS feed

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  • The media library just seems broken on my WHS 2011 system.  I have two main problems that I can't find answers to. 

    1) When I add new media to the server, it doesn't show up in the media library.  I have to turn off media streaming, delete the database file and then enable the library to rebuild the media database file.  Isn't this supposed to work automatically?

    2) I can't stream mp4 video's from my server to windows 7 machines using the WEB interface through the LAN or the WAN.  I can stream .mov video files but not most of the mp4.  At first streaming worked, but slowly less and less files will stream.  At this point there are just a few mp4's that I can still stream.   I have not been able to identify what is different about them.   There is nothing wrong with any of the mp4 files.  I can download the files and play them.  They just don't stream.  I have checked the permissions and every thing seems ok.  I have no idea what is going on.  Another clue:   I just built up an old Pentium 4 laptop with Windows XP.   I couldn't get the connector software to load (I got a server busy error), but I was able to stream mp4's (that previously wouldn't stream to any other systems) to through the WEB site.  Any ideas what is going on? 

    Tuesday, September 10, 2013 4:14 AM