How do I get disciplinary action brought against negligent Microsoft staff leading to dismissal? RRS feed

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  • I want advice as to how I can get a negligent Microsoft employee fired, or several if that is the case!

    WINDOWS 7  -  I have just paid you people for this unworkable rubbish and installed it.,

    Where are the instructions on how to manage the desktop?  

    It is fundamental!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is it not someone's job at Microsoft to provide this information?

    Have I not paid enough money to be entitled to that information without having to waste over an hour of my time searching fruitlessly because of Microsoft's incompetence?

    I want to increase the space between the icons on my desktop. 

    In fact I insist on managing my desktop exactly as I did on XP and Vista
    .  I have not paid out money to replace Vista or XP with an inferior product.

    • I want to change the icon sizes not to small, medium and large but scaled to my preference. 
    • I expext to be able to select the font and font colour of my choice
    • I demand the right to increase the space between the desktops by 50% because I have paid for that right. 

    But I cannot do any of it. 

    I cannot do it either because some halfwit has inexplicably removed all the vital functions or alternatively because nobody at Microsoft is capable of providing the instructions in plain English ..... or otherwise willing to!  

    At the first hurdle, in the first few hours, Windows 7 has proven conclusively to be disastrously inferior to XP and Vista .....a hoax on its customers! 

    Everybody involved in this negligence is either too bone idle or too illiterate to do is job. 

    How do your people get away with such rubbish work performance and customer service? 

    I want to know the exact steps I can take as a dissatisfied customer that will lead to the dismissal of the negligent staff member(s) so that we customers can get some service in return for our cash in future.   

    The rest of the world has to work for a living! 

    I expect a reply ......from a senior customer relations officer! 

    John Dempsey


    Sunday, January 29, 2012 7:19 AM