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    I bought OneCare a year ago from the store when I bought my pc.  Now it's time to renew, I've been trying for weeks and weeks but I keep getting message 2002, I report it as a recurring problem, I send messages to support with e-mail to get help (they get ignored), I can't find the phone number for the free phone support I purchased with the product, my only msn ID is the only one I have ever had and the only one that works with any of the Live screens is NOT listed in the Help About OneCare tab but then neither is any other, and my subscription expires in 8 days.  What is the problem - this is the worst renewal process I have ever encountered.  Where is the phone number to the free phone support I purchased with the product (is it hidden somewhere in the privacy statement or something - I can't find it on the box or booklet)??  I'm running out of time and I like OneCare - but this is really frustrating me (can you tell?).  I'm not a tech wiz and find on-line support severly lacking - what do I do????
    Wednesday, December 10, 2008 10:41 PM


  • A search here in the forums finds the following regarding the error message you received:


    If you encounter an error, "Unable to complete request" 2002, when following the renewal link from within OneCare (when OneCare advises you to renew your subscription as an action to take) this means that you have signed in with an incorrect LiveID, that is, not the LiveID associated with your current subscription. You will need to retry your sign-in with the correct LiveID which can be located in Help/About OneCare... in the main OneCare program interface.


    However, since your OneCare isn't displaying any Live ID at all, I'd bet that your problem relates to either some corruption or missing Live ID information in the current installation.


    To confirm this, go to the https://billing.microsoft.com web site and log in using what you believe to be your Live ID account information. If the account actually displays a current OneCare subscription with an expiration date about a year from now, then the problem is on the PC not in your Live ID account. If there is no subscription information in the account or it appears to be incorrect, you'll need to talk to billing support to find out why that's failing first.


    If the account and subscription information appears to be fine, I believe you'll need to uninstall and then re-install OneCare to clear out the corruption, though it would probably be a good idea to run the Onecare Install Clean-up Tool after the uninstall and before the re-install to insure that no corruption is left behind, find it at the following link:



    If you wish to be sure of your next step, return here and let us know what you found in your Live ID account, including any pertinent dates or other information it contains about your subscription.



    Thursday, December 11, 2008 1:21 AM