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  • Hello, Everybody, I built a cluster with WCCS2003 , on which I am doing Linpack test. But there is a problem haunted me for a long time. My cluster has 3 nodes,  each node owns 4 Intel Xeon Dual Core processors and 16G RAM. Using the HPL.DAT below, I  did  Linpack tests successfully on every single node. However, after I only modified the Ps*Qs (e.g. 1*24 or 4*6) and assigned this task to 3 nodes,  the computing time was much longer than that on a single node.
    What's more, when I executed "mpipingpong.exe" on 3 nodes, I found that the cpu usage of all nodes kept 100% for several hours but I still did not get the result of pingpong test.  I do not know to solve this problem and wish your help.
    Does anybody meet the problem as mine ?



    HPLinpack benchmark input file
    Innovative Computing Laboratory, University of Tennessee
    HPL.out      output file name (if any)
    6            device out (6=stdout,7=stderr,file)
    1            # of problems sizes (N)
    10000        Ns
    1            # of NBs
    200          NBs
    0            PMAP process mapping (0=Row-,1=Column-major)
    1            # of process grids (P x Q)
    1             Ps
    4             Qs
    16.0         threshold
    1            # of panel fact
    1            PFACTs (0=left, 1=Crout, 2=Right)
    1            # of recursive stopping criterium
    4            NBMINs (>= 1)
    1            # of panels in recursion
    2            NDIVs
    1            # of recursive panel fact.
    2            RFACTs (0=left, 1=Crout, 2=Right)
    1            # of broadcast
    1            BCASTs (0=1rg,1=1rM,2=2rg,3=2rM,4=Lng,5=LnM)
    1            # of lookahead depth
    0            DEPTHs (>=0)
    2            SWAP (0=bin-exch,1=long,2=mix)
    80          swapping threshold
    0            L1 in (0=transposed,1=no-transposed) form
    0            U  in (0=transposed,1=no-transposed) form
    1            Equilibration (0=no,1=yes)
    8            memory alignment in double (> 0)

    Monday, May 5, 2008 3:08 PM


  • Hopefully your issue has been resolved since it was posted so long ago. If you are still encountering the problem please start a new thread on the forum. We weren't that great at managing our forum in the past, I apologize for that, but we've made serious improvements in handling it and will get to all the new posts now.
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    Friday, May 22, 2009 8:52 PM