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  • Hi,

    Myself is a SQL Server DBA. I posted my question in some other forums, however I dint get a proper answer.

    Hence posting here too.

    I created a windows cluster for testing purpose and gave it a name longer than 15 characters.
    Windows accepted it, though it gave warning, cluster was up and running.
    I added an AG later and everything was working fine except for "Listener". 
    Listener creation failed with error "Cluster may not be up or don't have permission" etc.
    When check logs, found some entries with "$". (It truncated some of the characters from cluster name and added a trailing "$" to it.)

    Later I renamed windows cluster name by right clicking and reduced the name length to less than 15.
    However still not able to create listener and get same sort of error.

    My question is that,

    What internally happens when we create windows cluster by a name with more than 15 characters (AD, DNS) ?.
    Why did only Listener creation failed, when everything else was working fine ?

    Thanks !. 

    Thursday, September 13, 2018 11:27 AM

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