Warning for everyone! Block WLIDSVC.exe people! only use it while you sign in to messenger, here is how. RRS feed

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  • I believe this message will be moved by the microsoft puppets to another part of the forum where there is less traffic. I hope everyone reads this fast.

    Create a ask every time rule for the wlidsvc.exe, so that you can block it all the time and allow it whenever you use the messenger. Why does wlidsvc.exe needs to be logged in all the time right from when you start the windows, when not using the messenger? and the big thing is they want to spray poo water on you even if you dont want, because if you block wlidsvc.exe your messenger will not login. No other software needs this crappy extra file to run or make depend upon, why microsoft is doing this? Surely and definitely, they are tracking on you, and spying!!!.

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  • IMPORTANT! When you try to play your games that require "Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE" or "Games for Windows Marketplace" login and your games don't start or they crash, remember that you disabled or uninstalled "Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant" (WLIDSVC.EXE & WLIDSVCM.EXE) service. Enable "Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant" (WLIDSVC.EXE & WLIDSVCM.EXE) service and your game miraculously launches. Ahhh....the good 'ol game days when all you had to do was install, click and play (minus poo water). I WANT THOSE DAYS BACK!!!! This is getting ridiculous...

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