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    Did a clean restore using HP server restore disk and applied PP1. Ran connector troubleshooter and noticed that https://xx:56000 was failing. After further investigation I noticed in IIS that the SSL certificate was missing. What is the suggested fix for this? I can generate one using the IIS resource kit (faster than going through IIS generation process) or is there a way to force WHS to generate a new one?



    Thursday, June 19, 2008 1:33 PM

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  • Chris, that shouldn't (obviously) have happened. I haven't yet had a chance to test restore on an HP MediaSmart Server, so I can't validate the issue.

    Could you file a bug report on Connect, and include server talq logs? Thanks!
    Thursday, June 19, 2008 2:52 PM
  • Sent in logs and opened bug report # 351970


    Thursday, June 19, 2008 3:59 PM
  • Hi Chris, after going through this, we'd like to see if you could re-run the restore and see if the issue comes up again. Sorry for any inconvenience but thanks in advance for helping us investigate this.


    -Jessep Bangham-


    Thursday, June 19, 2008 9:56 PM

    I just initiated this and will post my results back soon. I will send in the logs before and after I apply PP1 and post the CAB #'s in the bug record that I opened.



    Friday, June 20, 2008 3:03 PM
  • Just updated bug report with 2 new CAB files.


    485110543 = Clean HP server restore

    485249594 = Clean HP server restore with PP1 applied


    Let me know if you require any more information. At this point everything appears to be working as expected.



    Friday, June 20, 2008 11:27 PM
  • Thanks for the update Chris, please let us know if any more issues come up!


    Keep up the good work,

    -Jessep Bangham-


    Monday, June 23, 2008 7:09 PM