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  • I want to love this software but can't in its current state.

    1) Video Quality: It appears that whatever you put in, you'll get half back. That was certainly the case when testing both 1080p and 4k. The former was useless and the latter a beauty. I know jack s*** about this type of software but it really feels like image quality is being sacrificed for performance? Please, rendering may last a day whilst a video lasts a lifetime.

    2) Interpreting low framerate: I tested out 4k on a GoPro hero 4 Silver which caps this resolution at 15fps. Hyperlapse Pro seamed to interpret the glitchiness which comes with this framerate as an 'intention' and rendered the glitchiness in the output (sped up x25, 60fps). Yes this is partly an issue on my side, but surely at x25 their is more than enough data to work with.

    3) Static Footage: I know this software has been developed for hyperlapse, but it needs to recognise when footage is static. I left the camera recording on the windowsill when testing 4k. The video really needed nothing done to it, but it still turned into a clusterf*** with the view circling around and zoom in/out.

    4) Feature Requests. Export uncropped and/or unpanned renders. Render image sequences. Quality > Performance options (+ max quality option.. regardless of resolution). Combine multiple videos before render. Manually set varying speeds on timeline.

    Obviously none of this is an easy task, and you're all are pretty much pioneering this area.. but it's still not quite their yet.

    Keep up the good work and please consider some of this, would really like to fork out the cash for this in the future.


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  • If making a movie to see for real money 4K might matter. If someone is seeing it on youtube 1080p is more than enough now that people are watching content where they want and when they want, and unlike us spend 80% of life away from large screens. In my opinion the render times are fine (asside from advanced mode, its a bit too heavy for my computer, so I've never used is successfully.) On youtube you have about 10 seconds to make an impact and 4K is not going to give you any extra grace there. My most watched clips are ones with either good content/idea and fuzzy filming or damn short clips (which I am truly rubbish at.) If 4K is really your thing, and you are in it for serious money and not just a hobbyist or casual user? You will want to get a commercial video filter/plugin for Vegas or Corel anyway to give you power and control.
    Cannot wait for Hyperlapse to release :)

    automation of testing the stuff dude

    Sunday, July 5, 2015 8:16 AM