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  • I am not sure this is the appropriate forum for this questions.....

    I have a client that for whom I need to develop an application. I am planning to use either Azure Logic Apps and/or Azure Functions to accomplish this. I need to make big changes to their CRM environment for this new functionality. Since there will be a lot of experimentation and they have other development taking place I cannot use their sandbox environment. I can use my own azure account for the development, but I don't want to use my own CRM account for development.

    I am looking for an alternative for this online development environment. I thought of creating a new account. but I see that it is about $110/month (I only need one user) for the enterprise account. [I will be using the accounts, opportunity, mail, templates and customer entities].

    As a basic partner (non silver or gold), am I entitled to a test/development account? I have a personal use account (one user) as part of my benefits, but am I entitled to another? or do I have to subscribe and pay full price for a separate test environment?

    Sunday, April 23, 2017 2:43 AM