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  • Well, I’m afraid I have bad news!

    Cloning XP SP3 with Symantec Solution Suite 2.5(fresh new version of ghost 11.5), and WSS 2.5 Failed!

    Here is the scenario:

    1.       Prepare the model machine

    a.       install xp sp3 with updates

    b.      install wss 2.5

    2.       Activate WDP throught the User Interface

    3.       Set the WDP_MODE_COMMIT option active

    4.       Save the Image

    When cloning the image WDP is turned off.

    Since there is no way to remotely turn it on, we are tied up.

    I have to go to all my 800 computers manually, and turn on WDP!?

    Someone, please tell the developer engineers that we expect a URGENT solution for this case, we invest thousands of Euros and Dollars in Windows Licenses, Symantec Licenses and now we are tied to manage our entire computer park with XP sP2 with Shared toolkit.

    This summer we are receiving new computers to our 30 classrooms, HP xW4600T, that we expect to deploy with Dual Boot, Windows Vista and Linux System, but until we don’t find the solution for this problem, they are being deployed with XP sp2.

    Please, find the appropriate way of turning WDP On and Off, remotely!

    Thursday, June 5, 2008 8:55 AM


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