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  • Hi All,

    We are using LCDS to create learning materials for our staff within the workplace, and distribute through SLK.

    The problem we have is we have 3 trainers, and 2 HR staff who are using this. Is there anyway to change the path which a file is saved to a network path, rather than on the local machine??

    Also if anyone knows how to give a weighting to Essay Question, would be great.

    i.e. 8 multiple choice/true false questions, etc.
    Give the Essay a weighting of 20 points to make it an even 100 points??

    Many Thanks
    Friday, May 22, 2009 6:22 AM

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  • Steps for mulitple authors in the LCDS Help file:

    Steps for Multi-Authors


    If you are among the multiple authors for a course, use the below procedure to access the course content and incorporate your changes.


    1. If you have not yet opened your course with the LCDS, you will need to open the LCDS, click New, and then enter the name of the course that you will contribute to. (If you have already opened the course in the LCDS, you can skip steps 1 & 2).
    2. Click Save and then close the LCDS.
    3. Locate the course files in your version control system and get the latest versions of all the build and media files.
    4. Check out the files that you have been assigned to work on.


      Unless you have been designated as the owner of the "manifest" files, do not check out or attempt to update any of the files with "manifest" in the name, such as imsmanifest and lessonmanifest. Also, do not attempt to make any of the following types of changes, unless you own the manifest files:

      • Renaming modules/lessons/topics
      • Deleting modules/lessons/topics
      • Renaming modules/lessons/topics


    1. Select all of the course files and copy and paste them to the LCDS course folder that you just created. Refer to the below table to see where your course folders are located.

        If you are running...Your course folder will be located here...
        Windows Vista®

        C:\ProgramData\Microsoft Learning\LCDSc\courses\<YOUR COURSE NAME>\course

        Windows® XP Service Pack 2

        C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Learning\LCDSc\courses\<YOUR COURSE NAME>\course

    2. Open the LCDS, click Open, and then select the name of the course that you will contribute to. The course that you pasted in to that folder should load.
    3. Begin authoring your assigned topics and be sure to save all of your changes.
    4. When finished, check your updated files in to the version control system.
    Tuesday, June 2, 2009 2:38 PM