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  • After the So Slow Scan I install an Online Version Scanner ----- OneCare Live Safety Scanner
    So I run OneCare Live Safety Scanner & its running pretty fast, much the same as it runs on my Vista 3 Gigahertz 2 Gb Ram Ati-Radeon 512mb Standard PC 
    I left it running overnight because I started the scan at 11 PM well straight of the bat, it finds a couple of infections (3) and OneCare gets the hint and recommends me to clean them. So I start the cleansing process...

    Trojan Downloader Win32/monnet
    Backdoor              Win32/Yewbmoat        X2
    Trojan Spy            Win32/Agent.Bx         X2

    in the morning SafetyScanner results in 19 Severe and 2 High infections

    Trojan                  Win32/Fursto               X2
    Adware                Win32/ZenoSearch
    T. Downloader      Win32/Beenut.A         X2
    Well lets say putting my USB Flash Drive put it over the edge and I dont know if the Cleansing was accomplished 
    because everything reappeared after the second of blackout except ... for the OneCare "Cleaning Files" window.
    I am re-scanning with the Safety Scanner and so far its found 1 item detected, but I get no pop-ups from OneCare getting the HINT  
    OneCare Scan is still Dead Zombie W/O Limbs Kinda Slow.

    Seperate Issue: Infection Found -- OneCare Advises to Clean Item... on the corner Administrator (Rights-Setiings-??) Is Clean Item the same asRemove Item

    Back to Issue 1 Should I just Reinstall Windows XP... I know someone who will sell me a Unused XP OS Disc/Activation Key 

    Saturday, August 22, 2009 2:28 PM


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