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  •     Well, this is an interesting "trick" WHS pulled this morning.  Last night (Thursday the 23rd) I placed the laptop into hibernate mode so it would backup and went to bed.  Got up Friday morning, turned on the laptop to check if it did backup.  I was not still sleeping.  I was wide awake when I read it had backed up at 10:31 PM on Thursday night the 23rd.  Could not have, I was using it at that time.  Looked at it again.  No change.  Could not figure that out.  ?????     So, I closed the connection to the server and got ready for work.  20 Minutes later I connected again and looked at the backups again.  This time the backup info stated  backup was at 1:36Am on 10/24/2008  !!!    Again I know exactly what I saw the first time and the second time.  IT HAD CHANGED!
       So what kind of a trick was WHS playing on me?


    Saturday, October 25, 2008 2:06 AM

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  • Hello,
    are the machines in different time zones?
    WHS (if you don't adjust it) uses Pacific time zone, if fresh installed, which causes confusing results.
    But this would only make a reason for the 3 hours difference shown, but not for the 5  minutes on top.
    Best greetings from Germany
    Sunday, October 26, 2008 12:50 PM
  •     Been too busy to get back to computer.  No, it is not in different time zones.  Been running now for about three months.  Time was set to my time, which is Eastern Daylight Time, when WHS was installed.  Strange operation?

    Friday, October 31, 2008 2:03 AM