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  • I just finished syncing a folder pair that contains 1,045,334 files in 24,926 folders, at a total of 294GB (it's a collection of scanned manga's). That pair took over 10 days to complete though, partly due to some errors on my end though. And another two folder pairs of digital camera photos (47 GB in ~5700 files), and music files (73GB in 5600 files). I just wanted to say how impressed I am with SyncToy at this point.

    I find SyncToy 2.0 to be pretty amazing.  I wasn't able to use 1.4 due to it not handling certain directory paths correctly. I have some files that have a full pathname very near the windows limit. Also I have a lot of folders whose names contain japanese characters or just gibberish characters. I am happy to report this version handles everything pretty well.

    I ran into a few snags where the complete path was too long, probably due to the UNC path adding too many characters. That was pretty easily fixed though. And then there was this other little problem of a delayed write failure which interrupted the sync and I had to start over. It was due to a drive in the RAID 5 array on the backup computer failing...

    The only real drawback is that performance is absolutly horrendous. The "looking for changes in.." doesn't take very long thankfully, so once you have the backup done sebsequent backups are pretty quick. However I do think it's strange that it looks for changes in the left and right folders when I am doing an echo operation. Would make more sense to me to just look in the left folder for changes in that operation mode. The "Adding action for.." takes forever... I think more than 12 hours in my case. At least that only happens once really for each new file.

    And then there is network utilization. Even when copying large files (ie ~150MB photoshop files) over gigabit ethernet, it seems to use about 1% of the network, maybe 5% at the max but that's not often. If I knew this was the case I would have just done the first copy in explorer heh. So I'm not really sure what's going on there. The source computer is a 4x320GB RAID 0 array, and the destination computer is 4x320GB RAID 5 array. So I doubt I'm limited by disk speed or anything like that. I used to use norton ghost and it would start at about 50% utilization, and then slowly go down from there. So I know the potential is there.

    However I will say this about performace. For me this beats Ghost hands down. That program always wants to "Reconcile" the backup, which takes over 24 hours to complete that action. And since almost all of my data is images and video, they are already entropy encoded and don't need zip-like compression anyway. So SyncToy is comparably very quick on subsequent backups, once the inital copying is finished.

    Oh and I did have one question.. Does SyncToy perform any type of verification after a file has been copied? I am currently md5deep hashing the whole folder tree on both computers, just to make sure everything went well. I have had some mishaps with things copied over the network in the past due to a bad port on a switch so I need to make sure the backup is 100% the same.

    Anyway, thanks again for such a great and free product. You guys do an awsome job!

    Friday, April 18, 2008 4:08 AM