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  • please try to give me very short answers if that is possible.

    1-wat is the purpose to have a member server?

    2-can you in sbs2008 use a second NIC ?can you in premium edition use a second NIC?

    3-witch instances of SQL server do I have to install for sbs 2008(if a such question come in exmen 70-653)?

    4-can you use local system account when you installing SQL server?

    5-in the examen book says you can't run SQL server services on a domain controller under a local service account or a network service account.but I read in the library about SQL server that you can use these accounts when you want to install some SQL services. I don't understand exactly whitch one is right?

    6-does the promote server run in the primary or secondary zone?

    7-does the member server run in primary or secondary zone?

    8-I understand that you can't use failover clustering for SQL in sbs 2008,but can you use failover  clustering in premium edition?

    9-wat I understand from my examen book dat when I configure exchange server in sbs so I must have first a domain name for example www.johan.org. from a provider then I have automatically from my provider a email adres for example john@johan.org (is this email account for email automatically supported by domain provider or not?)do I have to ask my provider for extra email accounts for my clients?for example john1@sun.org.    do I need outlook on my server to open my email?does my client also needs outlook to open his email on my server?

    thanks hovhannes. please try to give me very short answers

    Friday, October 15, 2010 2:45 PM