Who May I contact to get my subject PC back ONLINE??? I don''t really want both crashed. RRS feed

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  •     I am not prepared to go through any more virus attacks. after several weeks of re-installing and fighting a machine issue that I couldnever win, being imasculated by an electronic flu is not my idea of a fun way to spend a friday night let alone 6 or 7 of them. I am going to wait until the HP PC is up and running, to start trying to learn again as am worn out by  "what I hope to never   experience again". 

    Because I did not have my PC setup correctly before starting the Creators Update, this Virus Whiped me out.

    If One of you would be so kind as to put some kind of concise instructions of what I need to do (slow typist, intermediate user) to continue safely in these programs,,It would be greatly apreciated as I no longer have anythingthat I began with (Digitally). a syllibus as it were that I can follow at a pace that I can handle.

    Thank You,


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