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  • I signed up for a free trial of CRM 2013. My biggest issue with CRM 2011 was that it required so many clicks to do anything including creating new records. It is my understanding that MS tried to solve that very issue but from the short time with CRM 2013 it seems they made it worse. For instance in CRM 2011 it only took two mouse clicks to get to leads (Click on sales, then just below click on leads). Now I need to go all the way to the top left of the IE window, hoover or click on "Microsoft Dynamics CRM" so a drop down menu appears, then click on Sales, then next to it click on Sales for a second drop down menu and then hopefully "Leads" fits into the first few super large icon. If not you have to scroll to the side.

    The above is just one example and there are many more. Losing the permanent navigation bar on the side and top requires so many more clicks. Further, because the icons are so big not many fit on the screen requiring scrolling.

    Further, I have not seen any functionality to edit or add new records directly in the list view. I thought they have added that.

    Maybe somebody can help me make more sense out of this but from my first short experience this is a major step backwards.

    Wednesday, December 11, 2013 6:29 AM

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  • CRM 2013 was designed to resolve the issues of "countless browser windows" more than clickiness. The intent was to ensure users don't get lost, which I think they accomplished. Also, with the Workplace section gone (assuming you didn't simply upgrade a CRM 2011 instance), users can actually live in the section they're supposed to be in and still get to everything. Plus, being able to default to the specific page you use the most helps, too.

    They also designed the system to fit more data on a page in a clean manner, which they definitely did as well.

    So yes, there are many times where things aren't less clicky, the benefits for it are there.

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    Wednesday, December 11, 2013 3:58 PM