Dissatisfied Customer Streets and Trips: I want my money back or a working program: Less than 30-days since purchase RRS feed

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  • I bought Streets and Trips 2013 from NewEgg March 11th. The program has a licensing issue that puts out a notification to contact a representative during the boot up. I've used the program the three times. The cost to get some help is more than I paid for the program. I've done all the contorted steps to get the program running again and frankly the only thing it did is waste 4-hours of my life. I would love to communicate with a Microsoft rep, but I'm not going to pay for the privilege. Obviously, others have the same problem; otherwise there would not be a fix posted: A fix that does not fix. At this point, all I want is my money refunded. The seller does not warranty software, but the designer should.

    Waiting for a MS rep response,



    Finally got hold of Microsoft, they're having issues with their equipment and phones so my issue is unresolved. They will warranty the software. Have to wait until technical support is up and running to fix the software.

    This issue is a common error that requires them to log into the computer. If the 2013 software is still under warranty, the charges are free. I will update again if they actually fix this issue.

    Microsoft knows this is a problem: They've had this problem since 09 and have perpetuated the problem through 2013 without building a hot fix. Next time I buy a map program, I'm going to shop other developers despite using Streets and Trips since 2003.

    2nd Update

    If you have the licensing issue stopping the program from loading, call 800.642.7676 / 800.Microsoft. Their techs have a fix: The process takes about 30 minutes for them to install the fix and work through the program. Ignore all the other stuff on the MS Site regarding new user accounts and other stuff. My program is up and running.

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