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  • I've just dl'd Streets & Trips 2013 after using 2011 for a while and just loving it.

    I've gone through the same steps as I did with 2011, but am having a major problem with the printable driving directions.

    I've entered all of my stops (38 of them), using data import wizard from Excel, which have appeared in the navigation pane as individual stops, however, on the map, although each one is there, it jumbles them all together according to city, i.e. City A stops 1 - 17. When I attempt to get the driving directions, it gives me the directions to the first city, then just lists all of the stops (each with different addresses), but doesn't give instructions as to how to get from one stop to another, i.e. Turn left onto B Street and drive for 2 Kms, then, turn right onto C Street and drive for 500 m. It, then, lists the directions to the next city and does the same thing (all the locations, but no driving directions to each).

    Have I missed something? 
    Please help! I really love this product and want to continue using it but am feeling very disgruntled!

    Thanks :)

    Sunday, September 9, 2012 7:05 PM