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  • You know how it is when someone wants to come to visit you but this is their first time in the city?

    As you give directions, you need to imagine that they have never seen this or that landmark before, or the turnpike, or any number of other details you can take for granted?

    This is how it is for many of us.


    In my case, I do not pretend to have ever made use of Office in a way that gives me great insight into every detail.

    But I will try to describe how certain changes have impacted me.  Since I am on a Beta copy of 2010, I assume  Microsoft wants feed back.  How to give it to you is extremely difficult.  In my opinion, in a Beta software, there should be an instant link to report bugs or glitches.  In my case I would look for a question mark, where usually software versions, authoring institution, links to websites are NORMALLY put.  I have yet to find a place to give MS the feedback it needs.  I think this is problematic,  Because the general public may not be the sort try a Beta, there could be some problems the general public will have that a beta tester won't.  Therefore, my feed back could identify a backlash issue or two.

    The first issue relates to Outlook.  I rely on Outlook more than any other aspect of Office.  The Send and Receive button now has to be accessed by the 3rd tab.  Who made that decision?  So now I have to click the tab and find the send/receive, which isn't in the immediate left hand corner but is in the middle of the bar.  Who made that decision?

    Today, I discovered the shortcut icons so that I can print, send/receive look at old docs open etc.  I was glad because it meant I could configure Office to almost be like the normal way Office looks.  Except, the shortcut icons are now microscopic.  Who made that decision?  Perhaps they can be made larger within the interface, but your customer has to dig for it, and most would just be angry and frustrated even if they could discover the icon options--that is assuming icon size is an option.  But the key is here as my opening line, you will make assumptions based on your familiarity.  Most of your customers haven't got a clue, and will be hugely frustrated.


    The second issue relates to a box that comes up that I have never seen before.  When I open a folder in outlook, or a mail item often I get a box that says accessing server for information.  (often on MS mailers).  It lasts maybe 10-20 secs.  I suspect it is related to HTML letters.  Clearly office is not downloading the entire letter from the server after I press send/receive.  Who made that decision?  I expect all my data to be downloaded.  I would rather have the file delayed and not showing up in my in-box, than see it there and have this annoying box.  Mainly because it locks the screen down.  So I if had to wait for the complete file, I cannot in mean time work on ANYTHING else.  One forum person said they turned on an option to have complete files downloaded.  But when I asked where such a button was, I got no response.  I have looked everywhere for it.   Who made the decision to have the default downloading changed?  And who made the decsion to hide the GD button.  I would have expected, intuitively, it would be in "my accounts"  But it is not there.


    I believe everyone works with best intentions.  But these decisions are infuriating.  I hereby give up trying to pass feedback along.  Its too frustrating.

    If the forum moderator works for MS in some way, please forward this.  If they want to respond to me directly, I can direct further problems to their attention. It takes a lot of time, frustration and effort to write this sort of thing.  And the worst part about it is I have no idea if any one sees it who should.  Previous attempts have been exercises in futility.

    Tuesday, May 4, 2010 8:44 PM