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  • Our IIS applications sometimes crash. But they do not produce a dump file. We contacted Microsoft support and we received inconvinient solutions.

    Windows Error Reporting (WER) may or may not generate a dump file when an IIS process (w3wp) crashes.

    Debug Diag may or may not generate a dump file when an IIS process crashes.

    So, what is the proper way of creating dump files?

    Is there a working solution?

    MS Support advised us to use DebugDiag, but it degreaded performance by 15-20 times.

    I cannot use it on a production system. 15 times worse performance is not acceptable.

    As I understand, WER is not designed to collect IIS dumps.

    There are some old fashioned tools like adplus but are they reliable?

    My question is simple: how to collect dumps of IIS processes?

    Another question is whether to use full dump or mini dump.

    As I heard, mini dump is useless because SOS cannot find anything usable in a mini dump.

    Is this correct?

    Another problem is about 32-bit and 64-bit IIS processes.

    Dump files created by task manager are not usable is the second thing I heard.

    What it the proper way of creating dump files for 32-bit IIS processes and 64-bit ones?


    // Gokhan

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  • I am unable to find any connection between your questions on IIS dump creation and .NET Framework setup (this forum's topic). If I am incorrect, please elaborate.

    I suggest that you post in a topical forum at the IIS forums site, here:


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