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  • I have been trying a number of different panoramic stitching programs: PTAssembler, Hugin and ICE. ICE has done a nice job for my particular camera. I wanted to know the radial distortion parameters. I got them from the .spj file. They are:

    <radialDistortion>0.0524590015411377 -0.005893411580473185 -0.02991188503801823 0</radialDistortion>

    I assumed these correspond to the distortion (a), barrel (b) and distortion (c) parameters that are in every other pano stitching program. However, when I plug these numbers into other programs, I get different image transformations.

    The radial distortion parameters above correct for barrel distortion in ICE. This "shrinks in" the sides of my images. Every other stitching software seems to do the opposite, and when I put the above radial distortion parameters in to a correction software, it adds more barrel distortion. 

    Bottom line question is: What do the radial distortion parameters given by ICE correspond to? Can I use these to correct images outside of ICE? It would be nice to use those parameters to correct every image I take with the camera in Photoshop or other program.



    Monday, July 15, 2013 7:14 PM