Offline WSUS - Can't cancel download of Feature Updates and Upgrades RRS feed

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  • My offline server has a variety of declined Feature Updates and Upgrades that are stuck as File Status - The Microsoft License Terms for this update are downloading.  The thing is I don't want or need those particular updates, and there are enough of them that they've filled the bits queue.  I can reset bitsadmin and delete the .dat files but because I am unable to right click -> cancel the feature updates and upgrades (all of which have been denied already and server cleanup run) but the bits queue fills up with the unwanted feature updates and upgrades.  This is the first time I've encountered updates in my offline server that can't be cancelled and removed to make way for the updates I actually want to be "downloaded" after they're approved following a successful import.  I've tried (Get-WsusServer).CancelAllDownloads() but it completes without any information and the problem persists.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  bitsadmin /allusers /reset fails to stop the downloads either

    Monday, November 2, 2020 10:02 PM