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  • I have a question about how to authenticate Contacts. A client wants to use the CRM entities as a store for all users that use their system. The users will send in a userId and password and some details to a custom web service and will need to be created as Contact entities. The users will then be able to use that user name and password to login to the webservice. So the webservice will fetch the associated CRM Contact entity and authenticate the user.

    I'm new to CRM but I think that it was not designed with this situation in mind?  There is no password field on the Contact entity by default (I know I could customise it and add one).

    I have seen that there is a SystemUser entity in CRM, but this also doesn't have a password field. It looks like you need to create an AD user in order to get the SystemUser to do authentication.

    Does anyone have any pointers?



    Tuesday, February 21, 2012 2:00 PM


  • Any user who directly accesses CRM via the user interface needs a CRM user license, and will be represented as a CRM user (systemuser entity).

    If you want external people to access CRM data, then they will not be permitted to have a CRM user license. Instead, you'll need an external interface (e.g. an ASP .Net application, or have a look at the Portal Developer Guide). You'll need to provide an authentication mechanism for these external users. Personally, I don't think CRM is an appropriate place to store user credentials (e.g. passwords), and I'd suggest using the ASP .Net membership providers if you develop an ASP .Net application to provide access. You'll also need an External Connector License for CRM

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    Tuesday, February 21, 2012 8:31 PM