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  • Hi,

    I use Sync Fx for synchronization between SQL Sevrver Express and SQL CE 3.5.

    I have a problem with downloading records from CE db. When I insert a new record on mobile device __sysTrackingContext field value is null. But when I connect to CE DB in Visual Studio and insert a record, the field is filled with a value and row is synchronized. 

    I updated SQL CE on mobile device to SP2 but nothing has changed. Any ideas what is wrong?

    Additional tests: 

    After tests I know that NULL value of __sysTrackingContext has nothing to do with the problem.

    Generally on mobile device I fill two tables: SalesTable and SalesLine. Those tables are related by SalesId field. During synchronization new records in SalesTable aren't detected and related SalesLine rows are detected but not imported because of relation.

    SalesTable row:

    SalesId: SP2013/01
    Date: ...
    CurrencyId: ...
    __sysChangeTxBsn: 117
    __sysInsertTxBsn: 117
    __sysTrackingContext: NULL

    SalesLine row:

    SalesId: SP2013/01
    BaleId: ...
    Closed: 0
    __sysChangeTxBsn: 125
    __sysInsertTxBsn: 125
    __sysTrackingContext: NULL

    Provision for SalesLine contains static filter for field Closed (value: 0).


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  • And the answer is: different timezones set on the server and the client:| Simple solution but found after few hours spent on reconfiguring provisioning and tables schema:/
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