I purchased a legit PC in China with licensed software now can't get in english :-( no one will transfer chinese license to english. RRS feed

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    So this is the situation.

    1.  I purchased a sony vgn-sr26 from china with office 2007 installed fully licensed and legit.

    2.  got it home in china all was in chinese and I couldnt read it.

    3.  brought the pc back to the us to the sony store and they said "sorry but you will have to reinstall using an english version of windows"

    4.  I was dumb and found an unused vista business disk I had from work (they come pre licensed and since it was never installed I thought I could use it since all thse licenses were purchased) and installed it and formatted the chinese pc. 

    4a.  good news!  it worked and all was in english!  bios is in english and everything is ok.

    4b.  bad news.  I now have a pc with vista business and it says its invalid.  bummer :-(.  The trial period is over but I paid for a legit copy of windows vista and office but never get to use it.

    5.  The trial period has ended on the business version.  Now that my pc is in english how do I get it so I can get the windows software I paid for?

    6.  Why can you only change languages on vista premium and not other versions?  What kind of bull is that?  I have an english bios but cant change the OS language?

    7.  I legally purchased all the office 2007 and vista software and I am getting the run around because I bought it in china.  China won't support me because I want it in english and sony wont support me because it was in chinese.  Microsoft needs to step up on this.  I have valid authorization codes and all that even state I NEVER activated my chinese license.  Can't I transfer?




    Saturday, January 24, 2009 6:24 PM