I upgraded to windows 7 premium from Vista premium about 3 or 4 months ago and all I get are .wlx files RRS feed

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  • I've tried about 20 times over the last few months.  I have a total lf 4 computers and 3 sync fine.  I have many many files, however all I am syncing is my favorites folder, so very very little amount of storage.  I went to Live desktop to see if I could manually sync one of these and then I would just do several each day, but when I left click on the file it executes the link, if I right click I have options of rename, delete, and save as.  I have maybe 200 favorites in folders and sub folders, but that's all.  No large files.  The other 3 computers work fine.  They are one XP and 2 Vista.

    I was using Live Favorites to do this, but that just stopped working all of a sudden and from searching I understand the service was abandoned.  I thought this would be a way to do the same thing. 




    Lastly, I tried to "reply" to the thread I found, but when I clicked the reply image it took me to my profile.  I did not know how to actually reply to that thread.  But I found it by googling ".wlx file".

    Thursday, March 25, 2010 3:22 AM


  • Hmmm on the reply. If you were not signed it, it would prompt you to do that, but then you'd get to the reply.

    Anyway, yes, Live Favorites as you used them before (formerly Roaming favorites) went away.

    The machine that is having the problem was upgraded with Live Mesh in place? If so, remove the machine from your Mesh on the Live Desktop, uninstall Live Mesh on that machine, install Live Mesh to add it back, then click the offered blue mesh folder that appears on the desktop of the PC and use the browse button to merge the Favorites folder with the local Favorites folder.

    Alternatively, two other choices.

    The Windows Live Toolbar includes Favorites Sync - it uses Live Sync and Skydrive to do exactly what you were using Live Favorites for in the past. Of course, this means a toolbar.

    Use Live Sync instead of Live Mesh. Live Mesh is a beta, Live Sync is production/released. I believe that your old Live Favorites may already exist on Skydrive, but Live Sync, unless you use the toolbar, will not update those. I use Live Sync to keep my Favorites in Sync. I have, on accasion, enabled the sync via the Toolbar and then disabled it, to sync with Skydrive. Why? well, I help people with all 3 products, so have a need to use them. :-) Don't use Sync *and* Mesh with the same folders or you may lose data.


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    Thursday, March 25, 2010 12:50 PM