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  • We have our support tickets through a website. How would we pass this into CRM? When this was done through Salesforce it was through Action.

    Example they would use 

    what the action is, for example the header of the form is: <form id="form-handlers" method="POST" action="https://www.generic.com/servlet/servlet.WebToCase?encoding=UTF-8" novalidate="no validate>

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  • Three options I can think of offhand:

    1. Have the support ticket create an email and send it to a mailbox CRM listens to.  You can then use the Email to Case functionality in CRM to create a new Case.  Unfortunately, this won't give you a lot of structured data from the email, but it requires no code, assuming your ticketing system can send emails.

    2. If you can extend your website's code, have it call the CRM API and create a Case based on the fields. The CRM SDK has examples on how to do this.  Advantage, you can send all the structured data you want, but it requires dvelopment.

    3. Parature.  Depending on how much you like your website ticketing system, you could look at Microsoft's self-service and ticketing site software called Parature.  This is already integrated to CRM, so you'd have more options with less code, and ongoing feature improvements between the two, but it means migrating your old ticketing website to Parature.

    All three have trade-offs.  I'd start with 1 until you decide what you really want, as 1 should be easy to do.

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  • I just found out this is a word press website, would that matter?
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  • Hello,

    As Wayne suggested, you may go with OOB email to case functionality of CRM and it shouldn't matter if its a wordpress website as long as it can send emails to CRM.

    Hope it helps!

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