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  • I recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite P305-S8906 Laptop.  I have an external Hard Drive whereby I kept may files that was 20 GB; I recently purchased another external Hard Drive of 320 GB.  I was using my laptop to organize & transfer my files from the smaller Hard Drivce to the larger hard drive.  I was almost done, when I noticed that I would make a file for a category of pictures & it would tell me that the photo gallery cannot open this picture becausde it might have been deleted or is in a location that is hot available.  I had sent many of my duplicate pictures to the trash bin, but did not empty it yet as I wanted to be sure I had everthing I wanted in my current new files.  But since not only pictures but all of the other files transfered over disappeared, I went to the trash bin to restore all thre files & presumably start all over, however, that also did not work.  In some of the files, I just see that the file says it is empty in both the file on the hard drive & in the trash bin.  Other files, I can see the pictures but when I try to access them, it says that it again cannot o0pen the pictures (same statement as above).  When I go to the trash bin, I can see that the pictures at least that I can see, in the detail, shows the amount of kb taken up, so my question is, can I recover any of my files &/or pictures that mysteriously disappeared & can you tell me why this may have happened?  Please help, I do not want to do anything with my computer until I know it if it is hopeless.  Additionally, last week, I did put a restore point on my computer for my laptop c:\ drive & the external larger hard drive & I was wondering if I restore my computer back to that time, would it also recover my pictures?  Thanks so much for any help with this matter. 
    Monday, March 30, 2009 3:22 PM

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