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  • Note: I called Ten different geek squads but none of them have. heard of this before

    I have a custom built computer  for 6 monitor use . it is running windows 7 home Premium
    Video card is a Asus gtx760
    I reinstalled money because of this problem and same thing happens

    On first launch of program a popup menu that I need Works fine
    on Second launch the popup moves to next screen (while the main program is open on first screen and it moVes to the screen to the right)
    On third launch the popup goes to third screen
    Eventually popup disappears out of all My screens and I have to close the software
    The only way to get the popup back is to reinstall
    When I reinstall the same thing happens

    I use money on other Windows 7 Computers with dual monitors.
    I have this issue with only this comp

    If I can re-describe the problem I'm having one more time:

    I open Money, and click on "customize" button which is suppose to open a pop-up window. The program opens the popup however, the popup appears outside of the 6 monitors that I have. How I know this is because when I click on "customize" my mouse pointer moves to the far right of the screens and I cannot do anything further on the program until I click "esc" to exit the popup.

    The problem is that the popup seems to appear outside of all the monitors I have.

    In addition, I have tried to remove all the monitors and try to use it with just a single monitor. Does the samething.

    Virus? Glitch? any ideas?

    Wednesday, September 10, 2014 2:13 AM

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  • 1. Try the Alt+spacebar thing described in http://www.ehow.com/how_8100140_move-window-offscreen-back-screen.html 
    I would like to think that the problem would then go away thereafter, but I don't know.

    2. Rather than using the "home page", I suggest using the Account List as your starting page:
    Tools->Settings->ProgramSettings and set the

    Use Portfolio to look at your portfolio, and using Reports to do various things.  I would suggest you click Shortcuts....  at the top of the
    screen and add shortcut icons for the AccountList, Reports and Portfolio. That will give you icons at the top to move quickly.While

    Wednesday, September 10, 2014 2:25 PM