Problems with editing of of a publication RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I had the following problem after editing publications:

    • I began with an upload of a bib-tex file and edited it (named it here "pub 1"). It looked fine. (I do not remember, if I really submitted the paper.)
    • I wanted to edit an existing publication (id 48872751, name it here "pub 2") and clicked on the "edit" button.
    • The edit view opened. BUT the data of the first document (pub 1) was there!
    • I tried it several times. Every time the data of the first document was shown in the edit view.
    • I clicked the "submit" button...
    • Even now, when I open the document 48872751 (pub 2) in the edit mode, the data of "pub 1" is still shown.
    • If I click on "history" for pub 2, I see that new basic information were submitted. Of course, these new information are from pub 1.    

    So I have two requests:

    1. Please, check the update of a paper, that one paper does not overrides the information of another paper.
    2. Fix this bug, please!

    Best regards,


    Tuesday, November 27, 2012 5:10 PM