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    My OEM Windows Ultimate 64-bit, which was pre-loaded in my laptop by HP, prompted me for activation code.  I looked at the Windows sticker at the bottom of the machine and typed in the product key.  


    When I entered the key it said it was successful, which is good.  I also looked at the system page in control panel and under "Windows Activation" section at the bottom of the page, I see  "Windows is activated" followd by product ID.   I also see the genuine logo there.  However, on the bottom right corner of my desktop, it says Build 6000 and that "this copy of Windows is not genuine".   Which is the most false thing in the world! (at least to me)  Moreover, when I start up, it does not prompt me again for product key which is good.  However, when all system is up, the OS tells me that Aero and DreamScene and this and that are disabled becasue you are not genuine.   In addition, when I try to download MS updates, it is all OK after the ActiveX validates my OS.


    My request to Microsoft Corporation is to tell me how to get my aero and all my genuine gadget back on track.


    Thank you in advance.


    P.S.  My machine has the all important and recommanded MS Vista updates including KB931573.

    Tuesday, April 8, 2008 7:54 AM


  • I just succeeded to rectify this issue.

    Although I had restarted my machine before, but this time I decided to shotdown instead of restart.


    For some reason, it seems like it worked out well, and when I logged back in, all were OK, and I could use aero as well.


    So, maybe restart does not do something that shotdown does.  Maybe shotdown triggers some update finalizations that were installed before.  


    Tuesday, April 8, 2008 8:58 AM