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  • I was working on my Amazing Smoothies campaign this morning and wanted to update the {param1} destination URL quickly, so I thought I would just download the CSV of my ad groups make the change and the upload it back to AdCenter.  No such luck...


    First I am only bidding on keyword phrases, but when I download my CSV there are 4 bid columns, Exact, Phrase, Broad, and Content.  The Phrase column has my bid, but so does the Content column.  What is this and why is there a bid amount in this column?


    Second, when I downloaded my keyword CSV and compared it to the upload template CSV column B has a different header title.  The keyword download says "Negative keywords" and the upload template says "Excluded Keyword(s)" I am not sure if this matters or not, I never got an error on this because I couldn't make it past the next item.


    Third, I am only bidding on Phrase matches in this campaign, but I continued to get this error when ever I tried to upload [--The bid amount must be at least 0.05(USD) and no more than 1000(USD).--The bid amount must be at least 0.05(USD) and no more than 1000(USD).--The bid amount must be at least 0.05(USD) and no more than 1000(USD).]  I am guessing it is repeating for each of the ones I do not have bids in, but I don't want to bid on those.  I tried blanks, zeros, having my keyword in quotes and not having quotes and all I ever got was this error.



    Smile dave.

    Monday, June 18, 2007 2:44 PM

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  • Hi Dave, here's some info I'm hoping will help.


    1. The Content column is for bidding on our Content Ads product, which is currently in Pilot. Are you in the pilot?  

    2. Negative keywords and Excluded keywords are the same thing; we are going to follow up to make sure these headers match in the future, as this is confusing.

    3. Importing the CSV with blanks in the match type columns you don't want to bid on should work. Please be sure you are downloading the import template (which is different from the keyword export file - the template is available for download when you go to Edit Keywords, then click the Import Keywords link. You will see the option to download the template in CSV or Microsoft Excel.) Then make sure you are saving the template locally before importing, and import it into adCenter only showing the bid value entered against the match type selected. If you are still having trouble with this, please contact support if you haven't already, as it seems (from what you are describing), you are following the process correctly. (The error you are seeing is expected behavior if the bid value is not between 0.05 and 1,000.)


    I hope this helps - please let me know how things go. We enjoy hearing from you on the forum and want to help however we can.




    Wednesday, June 20, 2007 10:06 PM
  • Morning Carolyn,


    I am glad you are enjoying hearing from me and are not saying go away you pest!  Well...at least not yet.  Smile


    1. Content Column - Nope I am not the pilot.  At least I don't think I am.  If I am I'm afraid it's not going well because I haven't a clue what it is, hehehe.

    2. That is what I thought and making the headings the same should help thick headed Neanderthals like me.

    3. I haven't tried it again since I had the issues, I will give it another go and see.  Just to be sure I understand, are you saying that I should always use the download template to upload and not the Excel spreadsheet I get when I download all my bid data?  If that is the case I would like to suggest an enhancement to be able to use the downloaded Excel spreadsheet with my bid data already loaded in it.  Here's why.  Let's say I want to make bulk changes to my bids, so I download the spreadsheet from the keyword bid section of AdCenter.  All my data is preloaded, I am not recreating anything, nor do I have to copy and paste it all to another spreadsheet.  I would just go through that one, update my bid amounts and turn around and upload it back to AdCenter. 


    Make Sense?  It does to me, but since I can't see your face and have no idea if you have a crinkled up nose or deer in the headlight eyes I had to ask....


    Thanks for the help.  I work with Microsoft on a variety of levels and as always the support I get is great!

    Smile dave

    Thursday, June 21, 2007 2:00 PM