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  • Computer caught the antivirus 2010 malware/virus.  At the time the computer was running ie7.  It shut down the firewall, shut down the antivirus, wouldn't let me even see msn.  Wouldn't let windows update.  Wouldn't allow malware bytes or spybot download. 

    Using some free thumbdrive software I was able to knock out about half of the virus.  Then it grew roots and came back.   Through searching online I was able to get the firewall, the antivirus program, and windows update turned on by running the services.msg administrative tool. 

    Finally it got soo bad that I yanked the hard drive out of my machine and plugged it into another computer with xp...(cudos to microsoft for that trick) and ran the virus scan on my computer and it found 9 items.  Then I ran malwarebites that found another 9 items.  When I put the comuter back together there was still a virus there on the desktop that looked like a traffic signal.  But it was in decent enough condition that I could go to windows and download ie8. 

    When I run the program it skips over the malicious software scan.  Then loads the rest of ie8.  I tried to manually download the MRT scaner but it won't let it download.  It still won't load malware bytes.  It also won't let windows update.  The windows live one care found 10 more items that got rid of that traffic light thingy and stableized the system.

    I need to know how to lock the window update into the on position or kill what ever it is that keeps turning it off.  And how to fix the software integration issue.  It downloads the softeare then it just won't let it run Ie malware bytes, mrt, spybot. 

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  • This forum is for the discussion of Windows Live One care. You can get help with malware removal from your installed antivirus provider, or here - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-antivirus-2010 , or here -


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  • While I understand that you moderate a lot of these posts and probably didn't read the information on the first weblink that you put on there so I'll fill you in. 

    The first link basically tells you do download and run malware bytes which was a useless venture because 1 it blocks malware bytes from loading and running and when I yanked the hard drive and hooked it up to another computer I scanned with both bit defender and malware bytes and it still only partialy knocked it out even after finding 28 different items total. 

    And when It finally was stable I was able to update the antivirus on that system which was CA antivirus.  I let it scan over night and came back the next morning that the virus had regenerated back to full stregnth while CA was scanning and guarding the system.  Raising CA to the top of my worthless program list. 

    The plus side is that xp realised that there was a problem with the system and pulled a whole bunch of data and uploaded with the report issue link.  The downside is even if they do find a solution without windows update functioning it won't help me.

    The seccond link lead me to the windows defender program which I downloaded onto my other computer.  I have yanked the hard drive again and will run the windows defender, bit defender, and an updated malwarebytes program.  I'll let you know what happens.

    Sunday, April 11, 2010 3:13 AM
  • If you use this link - https://consumersecuritysupport.microsoft.com/default.aspx?mkt=en-us&scrx=1 and select "I think my computer is infected" and follow the prompts you will arrive at a page where you will be offered live chat, e-mail, or phone support.


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