DO NOT BUY HP MEDIASMART SERVERS I own TWO that are bricks with pretty lights RRS feed

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  • I originally purchased the EX470 over a year ago.  7 full restores later I gave up.  I then spent another $800 for the latest EX495 - I have now done 3 full restores. I even added 2 more 1T drives.  They both lost it all

     I have asked HP to extend the warranty, I have asked for a call from a Manager, both declined.


    Save money and buy cloud storage - I have $1500 of servers - and the one file I need is gone.  Estimated time with HP on the phone - well over 9 hours between two machines.  Beyond that, with all the restores, I have 60hours into TWO bricks.


    I wonder how long before HP bans me instead of fixing the problems?


    All I ask is for someone with ANy authority to explian this to me from HP.  Ask HP about case number 1003121199 AND the 20 page long file from the previous EX470

    Saturday, March 13, 2010 4:33 AM

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  • This does not tell me if you have done upgrade and it has experienced esd damage or if someone walked buy and dropped it picked it up and put it back if you experience power fluctuations without a surge protector. The fact is I have not heard of anyone else experiencing these issues with one let alone two hp media smart servers but (I Built my own).

    and cloud computing is not safe yet especially for small companies that must deal with compliance

    "In Alberta fines for individual employees can be $10,000 and fines for corporations can be $100,000. More importantly, it is expected that this legislation will be sited in individual and corporate lawsuits in which damage settlements could be quite high."

    "Some companies have paid a steep price for failure to preserve electronic information. In one high-profile case last year, former UBS AG equities trader Laura Zubulake won a $29 million award in a federal gender discrimination suit. The presiding judge penalized UBS for failing to recognize that missing e-mails would end up being relevant to future litigation.

    Large companies are likely to face higher costs from organizing their data, said James Wright, director of electronic discovery at Halliburton Co. Besides e-mail, he said, companies also will need to know about things more difficult to track, like digital photos of work sites on employee cellphones and information on removable memory cards.... "



    Cloud Computing makes you dependent on the goodwill of your ISP

    Cloud Computing may require gratuitous bandwidth for the client, depending on what the client is hosting on the Cloud. And the same ISPs who are clamouring for bandwidth caps may charge and arm and a leg if the client exceeds his or her bandwidth quota.

    Cloud Computing can expose you to the unethical practices of your ISP

    Major ISPs have come under fire for spying on their customer’s P2P networks on behalf of the Recording Industry. Can these ISPs be trusted with sensitive traffic to and from the Cloud? We are told that everything will be encrypted through VPNs. But still, given the tainted role of ISPs, can ISPs be trusted for non-encrypted traffic?

    Cloud Computing may not contribute to your national economy

    When you buy the hardware, software and technical expertise for setting up a server locally, you are supporting several local businesses. With Cloud Computing, you bypass all of these. But aren’t the major Cloud Computing providers American owned and American based? Yes they are. But when they get things figured out, they might consider outsourcing. And Cloud Computing is very feasible to outsource. Given their track record, they don’t exactly cherish employing Americans, unless Obama forces them to do so.




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    Saturday, March 13, 2010 4:42 AM
  • I bought both brand new, and have them on the best surge protector I could buy (both of them) The HP build seems to be the issue.  Please feel free to call HP and give them the case numbers.  The first was constant problems "losing" it's IP address, so per HP I got a different router - same issue.  EX490 ran great - again a few moths, then started random erros.  I delibertly did not install ANY add on's as that was the first excuse used by HP.  Last failure (tonight) was a .dll failure.

    Again, both set is a controlled enviorment, controlled power, limited access.  HP just builds junk.  Be glad to send anyone screenshots and pictures.
    Saturday, March 13, 2010 4:48 AM
  • Well, I did my 10th restore - HP drive failed.  So I had to give a credit card with $150 hold to get the drive in 3-5 days.  They also told me NOT to use either of my data drives (so I could get the data this weekend). Even though I had duplication on, per HP "If you use one of the two data drives (duplication on) you stand a high risk of losing all your data" direct quote from HP.  So, I now have to wait 3-5 days, put a hold on my credit card, and spend another two hours restoring the system. 

    So, in about a week, I "SHOULD" have my data back when I do the 11th restore and replace the HP failed hard drive.

    Axecrypt and cloud here I come, two HP Mediasmart servers for sale!
    Saturday, March 13, 2010 6:03 AM