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    I have the ss4200 with 2gb ram and e4700 core 2 2.6 cpu. WHS2011 on a seperate hard drive on IDE port and raid5 with 4 3TB hard drive. I used it to stream movies to dlna players around the house. There are some problems that I need help with:
           1/ It can stream 1080p to all 3 ps3 aroud the house but can't stream to dlna tv or dlna bluray player or even Sony media player( I suspects those dlna players are not powerful enough in term of processing and memory.) and yes these dlna player can play lower res. DVD quality clip from the same server. Can some body confirm this? I end it up with 3 ps3 around the house because of this reason.
           2/ I always have that server running at home so I decided to use it as http player also. I bought a gigabyte 5450 and connect to the big screen tv using hdmi port. Everything was working out good --meaning  it can play 1080p with audio directly from the server to hdtv using the installed video card. --(except for the warning catalyst controller do not support this driver please update the driver but AMD website said it is the most current driver though.)
    There is this problem: when I RDC to the server to play 1080p files, the CPU can't handle it ( it is giving me slow motion video as if before i install the video card driver). And no audio also. Is there any way to enable the audio service to the remote computer and how to make the whs use the install video card instead of CPU for video processing. I am surprised that e4700 could not handle 1080p( records from my Sony camcorder.)
    the reason for me doing this is some apps use remote desktop control technology to get video and audio to your iPhone or ps3 instead of streaming it. (splashtop for example...) when you RDC to your server you see what it sees, you play what it plays. If the server can't play of course you can't play.
    Other reason is sometime i'd like for it to transcode some video for me while am away and I'd like to force it to use the video power(which is more capable) instead of CPU.
    Thursday, February 9, 2012 6:34 PM

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  • Hi danbooky, can you detail the steps you used to install the WHS on the IDE drive? I am planning ot use a 2.5 " 100GB laptop drive for this purpose with 4 X 2Tb disks for RAID5..
    Tuesday, March 6, 2012 3:34 PM