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  • I have noticed quite strange bug of Synctoy 2.1 in Echo mode. Sometimes it starts multiplying file(s) with adding ".1" to the file name, next time .1.1, next time .1.1.1 etc...

    I am copying files from my work computer to external HDD and to my laptop at home using echo mode and v.v. - from my home to my work. With a file called, let's say, "animation", I noticed that once in addition to copying "animation" also another identical file appeared but renamed "animation.1". after some time next to these 2 twin files, another appeared "animation.1.1". eventually I ended up with . (5 identical files instead of 1).

    That happened for several files out of thousands which I copy every day using Synctoy 2.1. I could not notice any pattern in that and , have to say, have no clue how it decides that some files have to be multiplied and renamed in such fashion...

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  • I have no experience yet with SyncToy.  However, the behavior Algiss asked about appears to be documented in SyncToy's built-in help in the Technical Notes section. Here's what it says:

    "Occasionally, "[file].1, [file.2], etc" files will appear when synchronizing changes. This happens if SyncToy detects files on either side with the same name and cannot accurately determine which is the file to save. SyncToy does this to avoid data loss. Users should examine these files and delete the files which are not required."

    That doesn't directly mention extensions like "." but I think those are implied. Example: For a file named animation.1, [file].1 is animation.1.1

    Assuming this is the reason for Algiss' strange files, the explanation is that he had changed both the file in the left folder and the corresponding file in the right folder, so it would have been unsafe to lose either version.  Thus it kept both instead of overwriting one of them with the other.  To keep both, it needed to give a unique filename to the new copy, and appending ".1" sufficed to make a unique name.

    I hope that helps.

    Sunday, June 30, 2013 6:53 PM