Create and display mailItem via Redemption RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    WinXP SP2, Outlook 2003, .NET 2.0 C#.

    I have win application that one of it feature is open mailItem window
    ( inspector ).
    Currently i do the next:

    Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.Application app = new

    MailItem mItem =
    mItem.Subject = "bla bla bla";


    In case Outlook isn't running it's automatically starts and after
    pressing the Send button on the inspector the process closed.
    The snippet above works pretty good.

    My question is how can i do the same but via Redemption and not using
    OOM at all.

    Outlook will be installed but not sure if it will be running when user
    will click to write mail.

    Thank you.

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  • Hi EB78,

    I think you put the post in a wrong forum ,third party library is not support here.

    I'm still going to reply your question,but not to encourage to post this kind of questions in VSTO forum.

    Please check the following code by Ken Slovak

    RDOSession session = new RDOSession();  
    session.Logon("", "", false, false, null, false);  
    RDOFolder folder =  
    RDOMail item = folder.Items.Add("IPM.Contact");  
    RDOContactItem contact = (RDOContactItem)item;  
    More often I'd do it this way:  
    RDOContactItem contact = (RDOContactItem)folder.Items.Add("IPM.Contact"); 
    Here's the link.

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