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    I purchased a New One Care 3 pack and have tried to install it on my computer and the product key is not accepted stating it is an incorrect. The only questionable character is either on "1" or "I" and have tried them both. I can trace the vailidity of the software back to Synnex a major computer and software wholesale supplier. Thanks in advance
    Saturday, October 25, 2008 8:35 PM


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  • Hello William, I suggest using a magnifier to view the product key. While the 1 or I may be in question it may be another character as well. If you are unable to enter the product key I suggest contacting suport. How to reach support - http://forums.microsoft.com/WindowsOneCare/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2421771&SiteID=2

    Saturday, October 25, 2008 10:16 PM

    I scanned the Yellow Product Key and blew it up to screen size and the characters with the exception of the "I" and "1" are as I read them previously. And retried it and still didn't work.
    Wednesday, October 29, 2008 7:23 PM
  • The following is my "boilerplate" reply for the key problem. So, if you've already double checked the key yourself by enlarging it, contact support.


    If you are getting an error about the key being invalid, you are mistaking at least one character or you have a misprinted key. The latter is very rare, though it can happen.

    I hate the font that they use for the key - some characters are miserable to discern. J and I look all too much alike, as do O and 0.

    I recommend that you use a magnifying glass to check the characters closely - I find that I need to do this. If you are still encountering a problem with activation, you have about 2 weeks to get activated, so I'd go ahead and open an email request to support, explaining the problem. See the FAQ and use the Trial user option to start the email request. If you can provide a digital image - scan or photo - of the key to the tech that responds, they can validate the key for you.

    How to reach support (FAQ) - http://forums.microsoft.com/WindowsOneCare/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2421771&SiteID=2




    Thursday, October 30, 2008 7:06 PM