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  • Dear all,


    We are using peer to peer synchronization to sync data from Machine A to Machine B. Data will always flow from A to B.


    After machine B get the latest data from A, machine B need to delete the data after doing some work.


    Becuase machine A will always keep the data, how could I stop the Data deleted from B being synchonrized again from Machine A?


    e.g. after load juanuary sale data from A to B, B process the data and deleted them. during next synchronization, B will only want to get the Feburary data.





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  • Yu-


    Since you are using Peer to Peer sync, you can perform one-way syncs so that data will only ever flow from A to B.  As long as you don't sync from B to A, B's deletes will not be sent to A and data will remain on A.




    Saturday, May 3, 2008 10:54 PM