Use a global SIS to make an internet based full backup and recovery service practical RRS feed

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  • I started thinking about the issue of not having an off-site copy capability built-in to WHS and then it occurred to me that MS could expose a service which would allow use of a globally available SIS to backup off-site.

    In other words, it would be similar to what's already happening locally with SIS, but then turn around and combine all of the subscriber's local stores to create a global SIS. In the beginning (unless MS could sign-up a lot of other partners), it would still require a lot of bandwidth from the early adopters but as time goes on, the number of unique files for each new subscriber would drop dramatically until you would end up with only a very small amount of unique data that would need to be added to create each new full-system, off-site, on-line backup.

    Since there's a huge economy of scale here, you could probably provide the basic service free or near free as part of WHS. Leveraging off-peak bandwidth could make the whole setup fairly low on the marginal cost front.

    I believe the average Jeff with a few photos, non-MS Live e-mail, and spreadsheets would probably have less than 1GB of truly unique data while others with a lot of home videos and such might require a pay upgrade of some sort to fully backup to the service.

     Adding a paid for recovery service which could provide an overnight set of DVD's to do a bare-metal restore by computer or by WHS instance if necessary would complete product.

    Overall, I would probably be willing to pay something on the order of $100/year for the service and $100 per incident to get an overnight delivery of recovery DVD's. Then I could stop buying ever increasing in size external drives to take off-site and add all my existing ones to my WHS storage pool.



    Wednesday, May 16, 2007 4:05 PM