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  • I have been using Money 2006 for over 10 years.  Today I decided to start a new file with different investment accounts.  I couldn't figure out how to do this using Money 2006 as it would automatically load the old file so I installed the Sunset edition. I then open the Sunset edition with the 'SAMPLE.mny' file and set up the new set of accounts and saved the file and backed it up.  However when I tried to load the file or the backup I got an error message saying I needed a password.  Fortunately my old data file and backup file opened into MONEY 2006 although I noticed that the Windows 10 file default for .mny and .mbf no longer had programs so I reinstalled MONEY 2006 and all is good for the legacy file.

    The new set of accounts in the new file does not represent a large amount of work so I'm looking for the safest way to move forward.  

    1) Is there any risk moving my legacy file to the Plus (Sunset) Edition?  I don't use any of the online services, just keeping track of investments which I manually input except for using msquotes.exe for pricing updates.

    2) Is there any risk to updating my legacy files to be compatible with the Sunset Edition?

    3) Is there any way to be able to use the file that I began with the Sunset edition - and is now asking for a password - with Money 2006.

    4) Can I uninstall the Sunset edition?  When I started to do so, I got a nasty message saying that if i proceeded Iwould not be able to reinstall any former editions after uninstalling the sunset Edition.

    I am looking at the lowest risk approach to ensure that I will be able to continue with my legacy file.


    Saturday, July 21, 2018 3:02 AM

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  • After Money opens the old file, click on File and then New. Alternately, type Ctrl-N. Either should present you with a new empty MNY file.
    Saturday, July 21, 2018 7:51 AM
  • 1. no

    2. no. Money Plus offers some significant advantages. My favorite is the multiple-vintage backup files. Also very useful is the ability to write to a USB flash drive that has more than 2 GB of free space. What advantage do you think 2006 has over Plus? Maybe somebody could offer up their favorite 2006 behavior that Plus does not have.

    3. No, unless you export to QIF and the import the QIF file(s) to a file created with Money2006.

    4. I have not heard of what you are saying. You could try it. If the warning turns out to have had a basis, you could reinstall.

    Low risk includes keeping copies of *.mny and *.mbf files on other media. Maybe modify the filenames to let you know which version they are.  A flash drive in your safe deposit box would protect you from data loss due to a house fire. A cloud copy could protect you from some loss, but if that mirrors a file on your computer, and the one on your computer gets corrupted, the mirroring action could overwrite your good file with a copy of the corrupted file. Just think it through.

    Also, any *.m15 are copies of a Money 2006 file that were kept when the *.mny file was converted to a later version, such as Plus. Money 2006 can open a *.m15  file.

    Also, whenever creating a new file, do not accept to have the file have a Live ID; that will not succeed. Instead select no password or a conventional password.

    Saturday, July 21, 2018 6:00 PM