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  • I've seen many situations (and been in them myself often) when the first suggestion that comes to the thread gets marked as answer. There could be better ideas presented later and equally (or even more) deserving an answer, but the OP got already satisfied with the answer and left the thread and nobody else cares.

    I am not sure what could be possible done with such cases, but just want to raise it as a problem.


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  • As far as I am concerned as a Moderator the key thing is that the OP is satsified that he has an answer to the question(s) that he asked in the post that started the thread.

    Once the OP has an answer it is useful if the thread is marked with a green arrow to indicate that no-one needs to read the thread who thinks they have an answer to the question that was described in theTitle of the thread.

    So at least one post should be specified as an answer in order to get that green arrow. (But naturally only if it has been answered).

    Naturally it is better if the post that is marked as an answer actually includes an answer. BUT eevrything else (is it the very best answer?) is actually irrelevant to the main idea - a question; an answer to it and the indication to readers that the thread has been answered.

    It seems to me that people posting about wanting to have the very best answer (no matter if it comes long after the original question has received an answer) don't appreciate what this would mean for the Moderators - namely the requirement to re-read on a weekly (?) basis ALL threads in a forum. This is clearly impossible - there isn't enough time in the day.

    (There also seems to be far too much time spent on ensuring that the points for an answer go to the right person. This concentration on points (for which you can buy nothing and for which you get no benefits) is unfortunate but even there over time the good posters will get their far share of points even if not in every thread where they deserve points. (Sometimes they will be the writers of a post which is marked as an answer but which isn't the best post in the thread).

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