Streaming problems with 1080p files or blu-ray rips RRS feed

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  • I'm having major problmes when trying to stream the above files types from my WHS to my HTPC


    Both systems are wired together via new cat6 gigabit network. 1 8 way gigabit switch in airing cupbaord feeding the house. 1 5 way gigabit switch behind tv feeding HTPC, ps3 and xbox

    WHs is athlon x2 v4200 2gb  ram 11 harddrives totalling 10.92TB dubplication not on on all shares.

    HTPC is win 7 core i3 530 with 4gb ram, 30gb ocz vertex ssd as system drive and 320 WD scorpio blue data drive.

    Current read speeds average between 20 - 40mbs write speeds are normally over 50mbs

    I've got no add ins installed on the WHS and only very minimal programs installed on the HTPC.

    The main problem is that i cannot seem to reproduce the problem consistantly.

    ive tried the usual solutions such as turning off demigrator on the WHS, no differance

    Tried playing the same files on a seperate PC streaming from the HTPC, they work.

    Tried playing the same files on the HTPC streaming from a seperate PC, not working.

    All files play fine if they are copied locally to the HTPC, the problem only arises when streaming. I just don't understand as standalone copying speed seems more than enough.


    Really at a lose end

    Any help would be great 



    Monday, November 15, 2010 9:22 PM