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  • I've been running WHS since the fall w the beta and purchased it as soon as it became available. For the most part I am quite happy. It has successfully restored several computers to a previous state and I am storing over 4 terabytes on it.

    I recently had a hard disk failure and lost some files that were not being duplicated. (by my choice)


    All of the files that were being duplicated were ok. I removed the bad drive via the console and installed a new one. The problem I am seeing now is that the lost files are still showing up in the share directory AND I cannot delete the directory entry. I get a popup box saying the file/folder doesn't exist and do I want to create it? yes or no. Regardless of how I answer it will not delete it.


    When I went through the drive removal process it said I was going to lose files which I knew and accepted. However it doesn't appear as though it removed them from WHS's directory system.


    Should I try running a disk defrag utility like diskkeeper for WHS or is there some other method of cleaning up my directories.


    The failed drive was 750 gig so there are a lot of lost files hopefully there is a way to clean it up without havng to do it one file at a time


    Thursday, March 13, 2008 8:39 PM


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