hotmail account blocked


  • Hi, 

    I need help! My Hotmail account has been blocked. To be able to unlock it they showed me a cell nr that I had like 10 years ago, the nr doesn´t exist anymore. I changed to my new one and this will take 30 (!) Days until they changed it.

    I answered that the old nr isn´t correct so I had to do an "online check". Well at this Point they asked me things that I just couldn´t give an answer like in which country did you open your Hotmail? I travel a lot I have no ideas... Going further they asked other things that I couldn´t answer... Now I have to wait Another 24 hours since they got to many answers/try from me... What can I do? I spent 2 weeks abroad and I loged in from other places than usual, it was Always and only me behind this logins...

    Can someone help me? Can I call to Hotmail, Microsoft support?



    Thursday, July 19, 2018 5:32 PM

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