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  • I've got a Dell PC at my house that was brought to me for repair.  Symptom was that the computer wouldn't boot- as soon as it got past the splash screen, it would immediately go to a blue screen of death ("windows will be shut down to protect the computer").

    There's a sticker on top of the case of the machine with the Windows Home license key on it - it was delivered installed by Dell.

    As the computer required a reinstallation, and the computer came with no original discs (or if it did, they no longer exist), I used a Windows XP Home disc that I have.  [This may be more recent than the originally installed XP home, as this disc has SP3]. 
    Installation completed successfully, and the computer now boots up into Windows once again.  This aspect of the repair was successful.

    The issue is: when I input the original, valid license key for this computer, it will not validate - Windows says the license key is not valid.
    Are these licenses unique per CD?  I assumed it wouldn't matter what source CD I used for Win XP home.
    The computer is networked and online for validation purposes.

    Since I do have a valid Windows XP home license key, and this is a repair effort, what is the issue/solution? 
    I have verified that I correctly installed XP Home and not an incorrect version (pro, x64, etc).

    Please advise, thanks!
    Tuesday, March 2, 2010 3:51 PM


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