Error message when opening a case after changing form RRS feed

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  • Hi!

    I'm relatively new to CRM 2013 och have never had the honor of handling it earlier. I'm fairly new to this so please bear with me if I write stuff that doesn't make sense.

    The last couple of weeks I've been trying to streamline & develop my new work place's CRM 2013 Online for customer support. They used to run CRM 2011 and have been using the old forms from 2011 in the newer 2013. They worked fine but were very constricting and wouldn't allow the use of the blog and activities tabs. So, naturally, I set off be creating a new form and, when I was happy with the general design of it, published it. The form works fine except for one irritating error message when opening the cases. I get this message:

    An error occurred with the fields customized event



    error: Can not retrieve property getValue for a reference that is undefined or null

    so, I started searching the net for an answer for this and only found one thread that never got answered. Then I started checking the code on the site that contained keywords from the message. I found this (which might not be the error I'm looking for):


    I've been trying to find where and how I can fix this but I'm still not comfortable enough administrating CRM 2013 to really be able to fix this.

    Got any tips for me?

    Tanks & best regards:

    Patrik Svedman

    Friday, March 21, 2014 8:08 AM

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  • Do you have any custom javascript code on the Form OnLoad event?

    If so check if the function(s) are properly named.

    Friday, March 21, 2014 9:02 AM
  • thanks for the fast reply!

    I've checked if that would be the case, but as I mentioned, I'm fairly new to dynamics over-all. I admit that I might have been looking in the wrong place for the wrong stuff. But I can tell you this much. Before my time they only used the standard settings in the CRM. No customizations at all and I certainly haven't done anything other than creating workflows to direct cases to the right types of support groups and notifications through mails. Where can I find the Jscript for the onload event? if it's when one opens the form properties, then I can tell you that ours' is empty.

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    Friday, March 21, 2014 9:29 AM
  • Check all your solutions for webresources containing javascript on that entity.

    What browser are you using? Bare in mind IE11 is not supported by CRM 2013 so it may provoke some weird errors.

    Friday, March 21, 2014 10:03 AM
  • We have been using a bunch of different browsers. I've personally tried with Chrome, Firefox, Opera & IE11. And I might have missed to mention that we are using the online version of CRM 2013. Sorry for not mentioning that earlier. I'll check the other web resources as well. I'll be back
    Friday, March 21, 2014 10:23 AM
  • I've tried to find the failing script through out my entities, but can't seem to find the culprit. At risk of sounding like a complete fool I'll ask this. Could it be the absence of a script that causes this error message? 
    Monday, March 24, 2014 10:32 AM
  • It might,

    But as you mentioned you are using a Online version and i doubt it might be an installation error (but it can be).

    Have you tried to contact the MS support about this? This is a very weird error to appear if you don't have any JS customization on the entity.

    IMO: The error really looks like CRM is trying to retrieve a value of and undefined field. But you already checked for code on the entity.

    I`m running out of ideas. I Advise you to contact MS support about this.

    Good Luck

    Monday, March 24, 2014 11:05 AM
  • I'll try to contact them. I've been thinking about what you mentioned (The error really looks like CRM is trying to retrieve a value of an undefined field) and that it could have something to do with the error. I imagine that it could be the result when retrieving customer info (lite a street name or something). I'll heed your tip and contact MS support. Thanks Tiagolvsantos. I'll update this post when I get answers from them, if any are given.
    Monday, March 24, 2014 11:22 AM